Transactions represent sales actions made by the customers.

Get a list of transactions

If you want to retrieve information about transactions, use this GET request:


Request parameters

partner.keystringoptionalPartner identification.
customer.keystringoptionalCustomer identification.
keystringoptionalTransactio ID.
limitintegernoA limit on the number of items to be returned. Limits can range between 1 and 250, and the default is 15.
pageintegernoThe default is 1.

Create a transaction

Create a new transaction.


Request example

  "customer": {
    "key": "CUSTOMER_KEY"
  "key": "transaction_123",
  "amount": 99.99,
  "action": "sale"

Request parameters

customerobject[]yesCustomer identification. The same value from customer creation.
customer.keystringyesCustomer identification. The same value from customer creation.
keystringoptionalPayment ID. It is not required but recommended (must be unique). We recommend using a payment ID on your system. Later can be used to refund/delete transactions.
amountstringyesA full amount of the purchase. Partnero will calculate partner's reward based on program settings.
actionstringyesCan be anything, but we prefer sale. It's visible in the program.

Delete a transaction

Delete an existing transaction.


Request example

  "key": "transaction_123"