Welcome to the Partnero Developers documentation!

Partnero is a partnership management platform that enables you to set up and manage bespoke affiliate and referral programs with a focus on fully customizable program settings, partner experience, and ease of use.

Partnero API is RESTful, fully featured, and easy to integrate with.

Base URL

All API requests should start with the following base part:



Authentication is done by adding an Authorization header containing an API token as a value to your API request.

To do this, you need to add an Authorization header with the contents of the header being Bearer XXX where XXX is your API token.

Authorization: Bearer XXX

API response

Partnero follows the REST architectural style for it's API and conforms to generic HTTP response standards.

HTTP status codes

Partnero returns standard HTTP response codes.

200OKThe request was accepted.
201CreatedResource was created.
202AcceptedThe request was accepted and further actions are taken in the background.
204No ContentThe request was accepted and there is no content to return.
400Bad RequestThere was an error when processing your request. Please adjust your request based on the endpoint requirements and try again.
401UnauthorizedThe provided API token is invalid.
403ForbiddenThe action is denied for that account or a particular API token. Please make sure your account is allowed API access and check your API token permissions.
404Not FoundThe requested resource does not exist on the system.
405Method Not AllowedHTTP method is not supported by the requested endpoint.
408Request TimeoutThere is an error on our system.
422Unprocessable EntityThere was a validation error found when processing the request. Please adjust it based on the endpoint requirements and try again.
429Too Many RequestsThere were too many requests made to the API.
500Internal Server ErrorThere was an error on our system.
502Bad GatewayThere was an error on our system.
503Service UnavailableThere was an error on our system.
504Gateway TimeoutThere was an error on our system.

More info on HTTP response codes can be found on Mozilla Developer Networkopen in new window.