Affiliate tracking for Stripe

This guide shows you a simple way to connect Stripe with Partnero using JavaScript. It helps you keep track of customer buys and link them to your affiliate partners easily.

Please note that before proceeding with the integration, you should already have an affiliate program created on Partnero. If you haven't created a program yet, refer to our guide on creating an affiliate programopen in new window.

Visitors tracking

Visitor tracking enables the identification of referral visits to your website.

For accurate tracking and attribution of referral visits and signups to the appropriate partners, you need to install the Partnero Universal script on your website as custom code.

To find the snippet, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Partneroopen in new window
  2. Go to Programs
  3. Choose your Program if there is more than one
  4. On the left sidebar, go to Integration under Program
  5. Copy the Partnero Universal snippet

Once you have your unique Partnero Universal javascript snippet copied, paste it into your website’s HTML just before the closing of the </head> tag.

Example of Partnero Universal

<!-- Partnero Universal -->
    (function(p,t,n,e,r,o){ p['__partnerObject']=r;function f(){
    var c={ a:arguments,q:[]};var r=this.push(c);return "number"!=typeof r?r:f.bind(c.q);}
    var _=t.getElementsByTagName(n)[0];o.async=1;o.src=e+'?v'+(~~(new Date().getTime()/1e6));
    _.parentNode.insertBefore(o,_);})(window, document, 'script', '', 'po');
    po('settings', 'assets_host', '');
    po('program', 'PUBLIC_PROGRAM_ID', 'load');
<!-- End Partnero Universal -->

Authorizing Stripe account

Before continue with intergation, you have to connect Partnero with your Stripe account.

  1. Log in to Partneroopen in new window
  2. Go to Programs
  3. Choose your Program
  4. Go to Integration under Program

Find Stripe and follow instructions for authorization.

Method 1: Tracking via Checkout

This method is for websites that use Stripe as a main payment provider.

Run this script right after a sale is successfully concluded. For example, your order confirmation page.

  po('transactions', 'create', {
    data: {
      key: 'STRIPE_CHARGE_ID',
      amount: 99.99,
      amount_units: 'usd',
      product_id: 'STRIPE_PRODUCT_ID', // optional
      product_type: 'monthly', // optional
      customer: {
        key: 'STRIPE_CUSTOMER_ID'
    options: {
      create_customer: true

Please be aware that the following script is only a template. To adapt it for actual use, you must replace key, amount, and customer.key with the relevant information extracted from the order details.

Request parameters

keystringyesReplace this with Stripe charge ID, for example ch_3MmlLrLkdIwHu7ix0snN0B15.
amountstringyesThe price of the product.
amount_unitsstringoptionalCurrency, if it's not the same as per your program settings.
product_idstringoptionalProduct ID. It is used to for advanced commmission calculation.
product_typestringoptionalProduct type that has been purchased. Partnero will calculate partner's reward based on program settings.
customer.keystringyesReplace this with Stripe customer ID, for example cus_NffrFeUfNV2Hib.

This method is for websites using Stripe Payment Linksopen in new window for payments.

Include the following script on every page containing payment links. It's important to place this script at the bottom of the page, directly above the closing </body> tag for optimal functionality.

(function() {
    const updateLinkHref = link => {
        const cookieValue = (document.cookie.match(/(^| )partnero_partner=([^;]+)/) || [])[2];
        if (cookieValue) {
            try {
                const url = new URL(link.href);
                url.searchParams.set('client_reference_id', decodeURIComponent(cookieValue));
                link.href = url.href;
            } catch (error) {
                console.error('Error:', error);

    document.querySelectorAll('a[href^=""]').forEach(link => {
        link.addEventListener('click', () => updateLinkHref(link));